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When:  30 July 2013, 7pm
Where:  Strathcona Streetcar Barn (10310 83 Ave)


This summer we are again hosting events atop the prominent High Level bridge
here in Edmonton thanks to the Edmonton Radial Railway Society (ERRS).


This event will be featuring a beer (TBD) from Hog's Head Brewing Co. of St. Albert.  They are one of the newer breweries in the province and have been around for near a year.


The journey aboard the street car will be departing from the Strathcona street car platform at 7pm on 30 July 2013 and making it's way to the middle of the High Level bridge where patrons will be offered a Hog's Head creation.  The duration of the trip is one and one-half hours total; the journey begins and ends at the Strathcona platform.  During the stationary point of the journey atop the High Level bridge a representative of Hog's Head will give a short seminar about the beer and the brewery.  It is recommended that patrons bring their cameras as the view in the evening from the top of the High Level bridge is (should the weather cooperate) outstanding!


Cost:  Each patron will be granted access to the streetcar and provided with (at least) two 12 oz pours of a yet to be named Hog's Head beer for $20.  Tickets can be purchased here.

EBGA On Rails - July 2013

Events from days gone by...

When:  27 August 2013, 7pm
Where:  Strathcona Streetcar Barn (10310 83 Ave)


The second trip this summer aboard a Ye Olde streetcar from the Edmonton Radial Railway Society with a unique beer from Hog's Head Brewing Co.  (beer TBD).


We depart at 7pm sharp from the Strathcona platform.  Once in the middle of the bridge we'll drop anchor and the beer will be served to the patrons.  Total trip duration is 1.5 hours.  Be sure to bring your cameras as the veiw 150ft above the North Saskatchewan river is quite good.  The streetcar then returns to the Strathcona platform.


Cost:  Each patron will be granted access to the streetcar and provided with (at least) two 12 oz pours of a yet to be named Hog's Head beer for $20.  Tickets can be purchased  here.

EBGA On Rails - August 2013

When:  28 May 2013, 7pm
Where:  Wunderbar


We're getting set for the EBGA's second anniversary in June by hanving an all IPA tap list at Wunderbar for the evning and having a one-time pre-buy of tickets for next month's EBGA Cask Day 2013.  


We're holding EBGA Cask Day 2013 over two session this year, $30 per ticket per session.  Gets you some swag, your first beer, door prize ticket and your very own EBGA branded glass!  


There are double the number of tickets available this year across the two sessions.  Outside of this one-time pre-buy, tickets will go on-sale online in the coming weeks.   This month's event will be the first chance to buy tickets.


EBGA Cask Day 2013 is on 29 June 2013.  Session 1: 11am-4pm, Session 2: 6pm-close

EBGA - May 2013

When:  14, 15 June, 2013
Where:  Northlands


"The Edmonton Craft Beer Festival is a celebration of beer culture in Alberta. We focus on bringing the beer community together, including brew masters, brewery representatives, restaurant owners, managers and chefs. Together, these experts will share their knowledge through Brew Master Seminars, Cooking With Beer Seminars, food & beer pairings, and so much more. And when it’s all done – cast your vote for your favorite beer and food."


It's shaping up to be a great event!  Come by the Edmonton Beer Geek Anonymous booth for some new swag and surprises!  


Visit for tickets

Edmonton Craft Beer Festival

Where:  Wunderbar
When:  27 March 2013, 7:00pm


It's just one of those things we do, and it's been quite some time since we've done the movie night thing, so, why not, eh!?


The movie will be of the documentary genre and of course be about beer!  And no, it's not a rerun of Beer Wars.  


We'll make sure Wunderbar has some interesting beer on tap for the night. 

EBGA Movie Night

Where:  Wunderbar
When:  26 February 2013, 7:30pm
Guest:  Ribstone Creek Brewing


Another newer Alberta brewery will be joining us this month - Ribstone Creek Brewery.  

This Edgerton, Alberta based brewery aims to bring quality crafted lager to more rural communities in an effort to spread the craft beer movement to new demographics.  

Join us in February to meet the folks behind this brewery and support Alberta beer!

Ribstone Creek Brewery

Where:  Wunderbar
When:  29 January 2013, 7:30pm
Guest:  Hog's Head Brewing Company


Join the EBGA this month at Wunderbar to meet the folks from Edmonton and area's newest brewery - Hog's Head Brewing Co.  


Their first two beers  - Baby Back Hops and Death by Pumpkin have been available around town for a couple months now, but if you've not had the chance to taste their creations, and want to get to know these folks, come down to Wunderbar for this session! 

Hog's Head Brewing Company

Where:  Wunderbar
When:  31 December 2012, 8pm
Guest:  Yukon Brewing


This New Years Eve the fellas at Wunderbar and the EBGA are co-hosting a Tap Takeover event to celebrate the past year and to welcome in the new one. 


Join us for a seletion of Yukon beers!  See to our social media feeds for details about the beers!

Yukon Brewing New Years Eve Tap Takeover

Where:  Wunderbar
When:  21 November 2012, 7pm
Guest:  Deschutes Brewing


That's right!  Not only is beer from this sought after brewery available in Alberta, we will be hosting their beer and sales rep (with a surprise) in the up coming EBGA event. 


We're going to have both the Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale and the Black Butte Porter on tap at Wunderbar for the event.  We've also been told to expect something else to sample.... and of course, we'd tell you, but that wouldn't be very sporting now would it!?

Deschutes Brewing

Where:  Edmonton Radial Railway Society (Strathcona)
When:  17 September 2012, 7pm


We'll be taking a trip back in time with a street car journey across the iconic High Level bridge spanning the North Saskatchewan river.  


The trip will set out from the Strathcona terminal  with a stop in the middle of the bridge where we will be partaking in a beer tasting.  Beer TBA.  


Tickets $20 (gets you on the street car and beer samples)

EBGA On Rails

Where:  Wunderbar
When:  15 June 2012, 6:30pm
Guest:  Anderson Valley Brewing Co.


Anderson Valley Brewing Co. is a craft brewery from Boonville, CA whos products have recently become available in Alberta.  


We're lucky enough to have Trey White, owner of Anderson Valley visit the EBGA in an off-cycle event.  


We'll be tasting some of their beers and get to hear stories about being a craft brewer in California!

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Where:  Cha Island Tea Co.
When:  27 May 2012, 10am


This speical event will showcase the talents of two young Edmonton chefs as they create food pairings with and to complement six craft and import beers.  

The food pairings will be island inspired and will pay tribute to the Vanilla Chai Chocolate Stout made with tea from Cha Island by Amber's Brewing.


Tickets on sale Thursday, 17 May, 2012 at Cha Island Tea Co.  $45/seat.  

EBGA Presents:  Beer & Brunch

Where:  Wunderbar
When:  30 May 2012, 7:30pm


The EBGA will host Edmonton's own Yellowhead  Brewing with Leon Hunter (sales manager), and Scott Harris (brewer).  


Come on out to hear about the origins of Yellowhead and have a pint of their Premium Lager.

Yellowhead Brewing Company

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the EBGA we are hosting Edmonton's very first Cask Ale Day!  


Participating breweries:
- Amber's Brewing Co.
- Alley Kat Brewing Co.
- Jasper Brewing Co.
- Phillips Brewing
- Wild Rose Brewing
- Yukon Brewing


Where:  Wunderbar
When:  23 June 2012, 1pm

#EBGACaskDay 2012

Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is proud to annouce that prominent beer blogger/columnist/radio personality/home brewer, Mr. Jason Foster will join us in March for a discussion and beer-y seminar.   Have your questions prepared for Jason!


To accompany the discussion, the EBGA is procuring two (2..!)  kegs of beer from a brewer without a brewery - Mikkeller.  Beer styles TBA.  

This event will most certainly be one for the books given the line-up for the night!  

When:  27 March 2012, 7:30pm
Where: Wunderbar

Mikkeller on tap and Jason Foster

Cannery Brewing Company (Penticton, BC) will be visiting the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous in February!


Two brewery representatives will set out to trek across the Rockies and brave the cold to bring us beer!  


We'll taste a selection of their beers and learn about what the BC beer scene is like.  Come learn, share, and try some award winning beer!


When:  21 February 2012, 7:30pm
Where: Wunderbar

Cannery Brewing

Visiting from Calgary, in January, the EBGA will host Wild Rose Brewery.


This visit from Wild Rose will be notably special because of the beer they are brining along.  A first time brew and an addition to their seasonal line-up, a Belgian style Dubbel.  


Come grab a pint of this special seasonal beer (we're only getting one keg!) and learn about Wild Rose Brewing.  


When:  31 January 2012, 7:30pm
Where: Wunderbar (8120 101 street, Edmonton, AB)

Wild Rose Brewery

As a Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous holiday gift to all of you, our sponsors have paid the licencing fee to bring you one of the best documentaries about the craft beer industry as of late.


Beer Wars: Brewed In America (2009)


Among other door prizes, we also have two copies of this dvd
to give away, thanks to the movie producer, Anat Baron.


So, come watch the movie, enjoy a pint, and enjoy the
holiday with your fellow beer geeks.


When:  27 December 2011, 7:30pm
Where: Wunderbar (8120 101 street, Edmonton, AB)

EBGA Movie Night

Beer Univeristy (non-accredited) is a continuing series of events that we're interspersing with our regular schedule of inviting industry guests to come and speak.  


Beer University (non-accredited) this month is our third Beer U event, thus we're giving it the name Beer 103.  And this month we're going to look at the beer style India Pale Ale (or IPA).


These informative events are hosted by the pair of beer-y cohorts that operate the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous, Criag Martell (of Wunderbar) and Shane Groendahl (self-proclaimed beer geek).


We've got huge list of great IPAs, but we're only going to  focus on a select few.  You'll just have to show up to find out and learn about this great style of beer!  


When:  29 November 2011, 7:30pm
Where: Wunderbar (8120 101 street, Edmonton, AB)

EBGA Beer U - India Pale Ales

This month is going to be a busy one!  Taking advantage of good timing and the realease of a new brewery being available in Alberta, we are having an off-cycle event.  


We are hosting Phillips Brewing Company from Victoria, BC to help introduce their product line to the Alberta market!   Matt Phillips, of the brewery's namesake will visit the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous!


When:  2 November 2011, 7:00pm
Where: Wunderbar (8120 101 street, Edmonton, AB)

We will be carrying on with the regularly scheduled events, normally late in each month.  We are simply adding an event to the growing number of monthly beer events here in Edmonton, so stay tuned!

Phillips Brewing Company

As part of your continuing studies, we're offering Beer University (non-accredited) Beer 102 for October's Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous event.  


This course will focus in on a single style...or maybe a geographic depends.  We haven't decided yet.  What we do know is that this continuation of Beer University (non-accredited) will be loads of fun!


We're also going to implement a 'report card' of sorts for this series of recurring events where anyone who completes the entire series (we might waive Beer 101....but we're not sure yet!  Ha!) will be eligible for a door prize ..or something and most probably a diploma drawn with crayon.  


When:  26 October 2011, 7:30pm
Where: Wunderbar (8120 101 street, Edmonton, AB)

EBGA Beer U - Porter

As we work through our fair city's breweries (and further down 99th street), next up is Alley Kat Brewing.  I've got Neil Herbst signed up for a visit to the EBGA.


When:  27 September 2011
Where:  7:30pm @ Wunderbar (8120 101 street, Edmonton, AB)


We're going to be doing a couple of things, we will be looking at the new
Alley Kat seasonal, Ein Prosit!, an Oktoberfest and potentially a second
beer.  Keep you posted on that...


Be sure to check out our facebook page
and Twitter feed (@BeerGeeks_YEG) for
the most up-to-date news.

Alley Kat Brewing Company

Our August guest will be Jim Gibbons, owner of Ambers Brewing Co. from right damn here in Edmonton!


There's some special things brewing up for the August Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous event!  Mr. Gibbons along with some cohorts (not to name names, but they include members of the Edmonton Homebrewers Guild, a blacksmith, and a roughneck) are all coming together to produce two specialty one-off beers, one keg of each.  The styles are a secret, even to me!  We're just going to have to trust these fellas..... Truthfully, this sounds amazing and I for one, cannot wait to find out what they've go in store for us.


When:  30 August 2011
Where:  7:30pm @ Wunderbar (8120 101 street, Edmonton, AB)

Amber's Brewing Company

Our July meeting will give the members of the EBGA the chance to meet face-to-face the owner and mastermind behind the wonderous adventure filled Sherbrooke Liquor Store.  Jim will be on hand at our July meeting to discuss the status of the craft beer scene in Edmonton, how we got here, and where we are going.  


Beer geeks, this is your chance to ask all those aching questions and get an authentic and informed answer!  


When:  27 July 2011
Where:  7:30pm @ Wunderbar (8120 101 street, Edmonton, AB)


Stay tuned!  We'll be announcing the beer(s) we'll be tasting very soon!

Sherbrooke Liquor

Inagural meeting of the
Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous


7:30 pm @ Wunderbar (8120  101 street, Edmonton, AB)

RECAP:  Cripes!


I can't thank everyone who showed up enough for a fantastic start to the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous!  Wunderbar was packed with ~ 60 beer geeks of all varieties.  Again thanks to the nights' sponsors: Yukon Brewing, Sherbrooke, Keg'n'Cork and of course Wunderbar for hosting the amazing night.  


Beer geeks of Edmonton we have started something powerful and unique here, now, lets keep it going!   


Continue to help us build our community and celebrate entrepreneurs, hard work, and most of all craft beer! 

Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous - Inagural Meeting

When:  24 September 2013, 7pm
Where:  Wunderbar (8120 101 St)




This month we're hosting Lewis Kelly podcaster for Sherbrooke Liquor's Talking Pints


We're happy to have another advocate for the local craft beer community as our guest!  In this session we'll turn the tables on Lewis and interview him regarding all things beer and Edmonton. 


The session will be live recorded in attempt produce a live episode for Talking Pints

EBGA and Talking Pints

When:  22 October 2013, 7pm
Where:  Wunderbar (8120 101 St)

Who:  Brian Westcott, Head Brewer, Alley Kat

What:  Beer U (non-accredited) - Cask Ale Seminar


Brian will be on-hand at our 22 October event at Wunderbar and he's bringing a cask with him!  Not only will the EBGA-er's have the opportunity to speak to Brian about his cask ales (over a pint!), but we'll also get to hear about the process by which they're made.  Brian will speak about some of the science and process behind the perfect pint of cask ale as well as his experience in learning to master this art.

EBGA Beer U - Cask Ale Seminar

This summer EBGA is hosting a series of five events on antique streetcars with various craft breweries.  Here are the dates to the individual events and info:


28 May 2014 - EBGA On Rails - Alley Kat Brewing Co


18 June 2014 - EBGA On Rails - Hog's Head Brewing Co


23 July 2014 - EBGA On Rails - Yukon Brewing


6 August 2014 - EBGA On Rails - Alley Kat Brewing Co - Pt 2!


17 September 2014 - EBGA On Rails - Ribstone Creek Brewery


Each streetcar event will depart from the North side of the Strathcona Farmers' Market building at 7pm SHARP!  The streetcar will then travel to the middle of the High Level bridge, 150ft above the North Saskatchewan, overlooking the river valley.  The beer will then be poured and beer seminar/Q&A session commense.

Patrons that attend three of the five streetcar events will be eligible to win a prize pack from Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous (full contest details and prizes TBD). 

EBGA On Rails 2014

When:  6 & 7 June 2014
Where:  Northlands Expo Center


Edmonton Craft Beer Festival 2013 was a fantastic event - the 2014 iteration is looking to be even bigger and better!  SO MUCH amazing craft beer and food in one place! 

EBGA will again be exhibiting at this event and, new this year, hosting one of the seminars!  Look to the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival webpage for up-to-date details.


We would like to remind EBGA-ers that volunteers for this festival are well-rewarded.  We encourage willing volunteers to contact the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival for full details. 


EBGA newsletter readers will also find a promo-code for discount tickets to this year's festival. 

Edmonton Craft Beer Festival 2014

When:  2 May 2014, 6 - 10pm
Where:  Alberta Aviation Museum


EBGA is proud to say we'll be exhibiting at this event this year!  Come by the booth to say hi!  We may even have someting special for you! 


This craft brewery focused event will have close to 100 choices of ales, lagers, stouts and brews as well as local food trucks like: Bully, The Local Omnivore, Little Village and (vegans rejoice!) Sailin’ On!


Tickets are only $25! So join the hoppy good time and vote for your favourite as the food trucks work with some of the beer either as an ingredient or preferred pairing. $25 gets you in the door with 5 sample tickets. Additional sample tickets are $1 each.


More info via Sherbrooke Liquor website

Urban Craft Beer & Food Festival 2014

The forth season of EBGA On Rails events is about to kick off!  Follow the links below for ticketing information......


13 May 2015, 7pm - EBGA On Rails w/ Yukon Brewing


15 July 2015, 7pm - EBGA On Rails w/ Alley Kat Brewing Co.


12 August 2015, 7pm - EBGA On Rails w/ Ribstone Creek Brewery


16 September 2015, 7pm - EBGA On Rails w/ Norsemen Brewing Co.


7 October 2015, 7pm - EBGA On Rails w/ Mystery Brewery*


Each streetcar event will depart from the North side of the Strathcona Farmers' Market building at 7pm SHARP!  The streetcar will then travel to the middle of the High Level bridge, 150ft above the North Saskatchewan, overlooking the river valley.  The beer will then be poured and beer seminar/Q&A session commense.

*The Mystery Brewery is not an actual brewery name but a brewery that will attempt to remain unknown until the event! 

EBGA On Rails 2015

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